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Ex Nihilo 5-Pack - LR PRESETS

$25.00 USD

REQUIRES access to Adobe® Lightroom® CC/Classic to apply to images. 

The term "ex nihilo" is Latin for "out of nothing" -- This first volume of presets are meant to provide something out of nothing. Five tried-and-true approaches to begin your photo editing process. They might require some minor adjustment to curate the preset to your image, but these are a great starting point for your editing journey.


Ironically, this is probably the harshest edit of the five in this set. It is a bold, contrasted preset that was originally intended for mobile photography--greens, grays, and whites--plenty of light, with warm pops of color. After some tinkering, I think it works with a lot of different types of photos and could be one of the more versatile presets in this collection. 


About as simple as they come, my B+W preset is a moody, yet clean approach to a black and white treatment. This preset needs a good amount of light on the subject, and clear contrast to be effective--don't hesitate to mess with the grain levels, highlights, and black point to curate this edit to your stylistic preferences.


The one that I have used the most over the past three years. It was lovingly dubbed "BANFF" after my trip to Canada in 2018, and has evolved a lot since then. I made several changes to it after my Glacier trip last year and renamed it as such. Use this preset with good light, landscapes, and portraits. It is the ultimate "base preset."


Crafted for golden light. It makes yellows a bit orange, and oranges a bit red. It definitely performs better with some soft shadows, deep blues, and direct, golden light. Go ahead and warm up the color temperature too, just a bit. 


Intended to look more cinematic or enhanced, this preset pulls colors out of nowhere and feels likes it makes your image 4K. Use sparingly. Great for more boring scenes that need a punch in the gut to pull some life. Needs good light, but does a nice job pulling up the shadows too.

Compatible with: 

• Adobe® Lightroom® 7.3 or later 

• Adobe® Lightroom® CC Desktop 1.4 or later 

• Adobe® Lightroom® Mobile

(let me know if you have compatibility issues)

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